I’m Jose Mortellaro and I live with my wife, our two daughters and our three dogs on the beautiful Island of Menorca in the Mediterranean Sea.

My values for efficiency and quality led me to work in code programming. These beliefs supported me in the process of growing our business and developing our WordPress theme in collaboration with my wife who is the designer.


Around 7 years ago my wife told me: I would like to use WordPress for my blog because I want that my blog looks more professional. At that time I used to work as a mechanical engineer and didn’t know what WordPress was. My expertise was in the development of the combustion of diesel engines.

But because I always loved programming I decided to help her.
We bought a premium theme and started to build her site and because my wife is an artist and has had already web design experience and an eye for beauty, people from our network soon started to ask for our help with building their websites and before we knew it we were collaborating on our first projects together in a very natural and aligned way.

We started to grow very fast, after the first year I’ve started to create our theme Freesoul and using it to build every website of our customers in the last few years.

Believe it or not, our Freesoul WordPress Theme even working with a page builder is faster than many ultralight starter themes.

After optimizing the builder and the theme to don’t lose any millisecond during the page loading, my wife started to fall in love with the sliders of the plugin SliderRevolution.

If you know SliderRevolution you can imagine how I felt when I measured the loading time after installing that plugin. And the disaster wasn’t only on the pages that had a slider, it was everywhere.

It was loading assets and requesting slow database queries on every page., also on pages without sliders.

The performance losses were about seconds. We were building websites with an ultra-optimized theme and builder, and then SliderRevolution came into my life throwing away years of work.

I had to find a solution.

When I was young I used to be a competitive kickboxer. In my career, I have always stood up. There has never been a shot that has left me on the ground. And it certainly couldn’t be a plugin like SliderRevolution to defeat me.

One day, I came up with an idea to get rid of that plugin once and for all. The idea was deactivating SliderRevolution everywhere, but on the pages with a slider. Doing so usually the performance losses were only on one page, and all the others were free.

I felt immense freedom in my soul. This is why this idea is called now Freesoul Deactivate Plugins.

Freesoul stands for the freedom that I feel when I use it to deactivate heavy plugins on specific pages.

Still today, you can’t imagine how I feel free when I disable SliderRevolution everywhere and keep it active only on the pages that have sliders.

My future.

My core business is still based on the work that I do with my wife to create beautiful and optimized websites for our customers, and I also love to create custom plugins, but I will reveal my dream to you.

Because I feel confident my dream will become real, I will tell you about my future.

Soon I will create a business on Freesoul Deactivate Plugins. and I will make it grow together with a dedicated team.

Then I will do the same with Specific Content For Mobile.

Last but not least, I will create an online course for people who want to sharpen their skills in creating WordPress plugins, problem-solving, and speed optimization.

In the future, I see myself working less and less with websites but leading the businesses around FDP and SCFM and teaching in my online courses.

Free plugins
Sometimes after solving some problems I find the time to save the solution in the form of a plugin. Some of them are on the official WordPress repository and the others are downloadable from this website.