How to check if your plugins are worsening your website performance

The Google Page Speed Insights is telling you that your WordPress website has very bad performance.

In your head, the following questions start arising:

  • Is it the Theme?
  • Is it one or more plugins?
  • Is it the Server?

To answer the questions, do the following:

  • Install Freesoul Deactivate Plugins
  • Go to Freesoul Deactivate Plugins => Singles
  • Always on the same page, click on the Google Page Speed Insight icons disabling all the plugins and switching to the default WordPress theme.
  • Do some tests playing with the plugins and theme.

You will have some comparisons that will tell you if one or more plugins or the theme are the cause of the problem.

In the following video I disable all plugins, but one.

As you can see one or more of the disabled plugins are worsening the Google Page Speed Insight score.