Try Fixing Wrong URL

As you probably know sometimes the user digits a wrong URL that is still inside your domain but isn’t related to any page of your website.

The URL may be totally wrong, but other times it’s very similar to the right one. What usually happens in these cases? Your website redirects the user to the so-called 404 error page.

Imagine you had a way to fix the wrong URL and redirect the user to the most similar existing URL?

The WordPress plugin Try Fixing Wrong URL does exactly that.

If the difference between the right and the wrong URL is within specific tollerances, this plugin will redirect the user to the right URL.

You can see it in action on this website, write e.g., you will land again on this blog post.

If the URL is too different, as e.g., you will be redirected to the 404 error page.

f you want to download Try Fixing Wrong URL, click on the download link, it’s free.