Information for help
What are the useful information

If you have issues on your WordPress website and don’t know how to solve them on your own, you ask someone for help.

Giving useful information will make the problem-solving a lot easier for who will help you.


What are the most useful information?

Usually, the most useful information are:

  • Website URL
  • WordPress Version
  • WordPress Multisite (yes/no)
  • WordPress Debug mode (active/not active)
  • PHP Version
  • MySQL
  • Database size
  • Must Use Plugins
  • Active Plugins
  • Active Theme
  • Active Child Theme if any
  • User Agent

How can you quickly get the needed information?

If you want to quickly get the needed information you can install the free WordPress plugin Information for Help.

After installation follow these simple steps:

  • click on action link “Get information for help” or go to the admin page “WordPress Help”
  • click on “Copy for Support”
  • paste the copied information in the message you prepare for your helper