Specific content for mobile
really remove instead of hide

Why is removing specific content for mobile important?

  • The number of users surfing on internet using a mobile device is very high. Show them what it really fits with their device.
  • It’s very important your website looks perfect and loads quickly on every device.
  • Mobile devices have usually less powerful CPUs than desktop devices.
  • Mobile devices use usually slower internet connections and your website may load a lot slower.
  • Mobile devices have less larger screens than desktop devices, not all the content will appear perfect

Most of the times, instead of removing specific content, you just hide some elements using the CSS media queries.

Just hiding elements is not the best way. That elements will still decrease the loading time if you don’t really remove them for the mobile version.

How to really remove specific content for mobile.

So how can you really remove content?

The WordPress plugin “Specific Content For Mobile” gives you the possibiity to duplicate your pages with one click and edit the generated mobile version.

The mobile version will replace the desktop version in case the user visits the page with a mobile device.

How to use the plugin “Specific Content For Mobile”.

This plugin has no options pages and is very simple to use.

To create a new mobile version for your page follow these steps:

  • install and activate the plugin
  • click on Pages in the main admin menu
  • go with your mouse on the page you want to modify for the mobile version and click on the action link “Create mobile version”, or click on the icon “+” you see in the devices column
  • modify your page as you want to see it on mobile
  • save your page mobile version

Repeat the steps above in case you want to create a mobile version for your blog posts.

The actual version supports only pages and posts, no custom post types, no archives, no terms.

On mobile devices the plugin will load the mobile version for the pages and posts that have a mobile version.

If you have a server cache plugin, be sure to set a different server cache handling for mobile devices, in another case the mobile version of your pages could be served also on desktop devices.

Remember that the content replacement will work only if the mobile version has the “public” status.

If you want to prepare your specific content for mobile and publish it only when it’s ready, just keep the “draft” status for the mobile version and switch to “public” when it’s ready.

Click the following button to download the free version of “Specific Content For Mobile”

How to deactivate specific plugins for the mobile versions.

Freesoul Deactivate Plugins  gives you the possibility to disable specific plugins only on mobile versions.

If you want to download it click on the following button.