The lightest contact form plugin ever

Many times you need the following fields in your contact form:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Message
  • Privacy Agreement

Nothing else. However, for having a so simple contact form you need to install a plugin that offers a lot more than that, but you don’t need anything else than the fields listed above.

Sometimes you even add weight to all the pages for just having those fields on one single page where you want to add a very simple form.

If you are like me and want no more than you need, you can now take advantage of the lightest contact form plugin it was never published on the WordPress repository: Essential Form.

Essential Form is this kind of plugin that you will love or hate it.
If you need nothing else than the fields name, email, message, and privacy policy agreement, you will totally love it because this plugin just adds 1 kB of pure Vanilla JavaScript only to the page where you need the contact form.

Moreover, it has an anti-spam system that runs behind the scenes without any need for a captcha or any other additional disturbing anti-spam system.

Of course, if you need more, this is not the right contact form plugin for you.

The following form is added by Essential Form:

By submitting this form I agree with the privacy policy

This is what I usually need for my contact forms, and no more. I can have it without adding any additional consumption with around 1 kB of pure JavaScript.

If you also want to try it, you can download it from the official WordPress repository, or from the page of plugins in your WordPress backend.